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Michala Lota


I’ve been a Relationship Coach and Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist for over 9 years, including over 15 years as a holistic therapist – I get people, I find why and how we do things fascinating.

In part, my passion for relationship coaching comes from my own struggles, my husband and I have similar values but are very much opposites. We come from different cultures, have different interests and have very different personalities. What I teach in Mastering Connection and Relationships is the route to we used to transform our relationship from one of conflict and disagreement to harmony and deep connection. After 24 years of marriage, I couldn’t ask for a better partner to share my life.

Relationship Coach

Over 9 years of experience working with couples and individuals helping them improve their relationships.

From my extensive experience, I noticed approximately 80% of relationship problems had some common themes. I’ve taken this knowledge and created a 12 week programme, Mastering Connection and Relationships, which is available online.


Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Trained at the internationally acclaimed Quest Institute, Regents University, London, by Trevor Silvester.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a unique therapy that blends together numerous techniques and approaches to really tailor a solution to a client’s needs. I’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years to free themselves from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and also provided them with tools to create and maintain a happy future.

Master NLP Practitioner

NLP has been beautifully crafted into Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy which creates a versatility like no other therapy.

NLP targets the structure of a problem and therefore can have wide ranging results, especially Parts Integration. Have you ever said ‘part of me wants to …’ or ‘part of me doesn’t like…’? Sometimes we can have conflicting parts, Parts Integration helps resolve that conflict.


Michala’s help has been invaluable and subsequently has helped my wife and I to move on and to address some of the things where we had perhaps drifted previously.

‘Michala Lota, is a warm yet professional person. She made it easy to open up so that we were able to make progress toward our goal.


Would you like to learn to connect better and improve your relationship? Click anywhere here to find out more about my 12 week programme – Mastering Connection and Relationships.


Upgrade the Mastering Connection and Relationship programme to 1 to 1 coaching so that I can help you personally reach your goal.

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