Welcome to The Relationship School

Hi, I’m Michala, the founder of The Happiness Couch Relationship School. 

As a qualified relationship coach with over 13 years of experience, I understand the complexities of relationships and the importance of having the right tools and guidance to navigate them successfully.

I’ve worked with individuals and couples on a wide range of issues and have helped them transform their relationships. 

I’m passionate about not only helping you overcome your current problem but to empower you to maintain your relationship by yourself moving forward.

I’ve taken my extensive knowledge and created a series of courses, arranged over three levels to help you get the fundamentals in place.

Let me tell you a little more about who the school is for.

Who the school is for

Are you fascinated by people and curious about what makes you and them tick?

Are you interested in personal development and love to learn?

Would you like to know how to maintain your relationship and know how to deal with issues BEFORE they become problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Happiness Couch Relationship School is for you!

The school is for individuals and couples who are action takers and love learning.

If you currently have a relationship problem that you need help with then we can help you with that too!

What’s inside the school?

The Relationship School is split into two sections; the first is the FREE section where you’ll find all free resources, blogs and help. The second is the paid section, where you’ll find our extensive range of courses and my expert support.

Because I’m passionate about helping people get the right help they need the FREE section is fully loaded with support and guidance. Let me give you the details…

The FREE stuff!!

  • Free Resources: Dive into a range of resources such as our comprehensive A to Z guide to relationship problems, designed to help you identify and address common issues. Or, take our relationship health check to gain valuable insights into the strengths and areas for growth in your relationship.
  • Free Relationship Courses: Access a range of free relationship courses crafted to help you overcome the obstacles that get in the way of building a rock-solid foundation to your relationship.
  • Live Q & A Sessions: Join our live Q & A sessions where you can ask your burning questions, share your challenges, and receive expert guidance and support in real-time.
  • Monthly Free Masterclasses: Attend our monthly masterclasses led by industry experts covering a variety of topics essential for relationship success.
  • Blogs and Book Recommendations: Explore our library of insightful blogs and curated book recommendations to deepen your understanding of relationships and personal growth.

Work with an expert

Here’s a little bit about me; I’ve got over 13 years of experience as a relationship coach, I’m a QCH Therapist and Coach trained by The Quest Institute at Regent’s University, London. I’ve also been married for 28 years. I think it is fair to say I have experience!

Learn on your couch … office … coffee shop …

If you want to learn about yourself, your partner or anybody else then come and join the school. 

It’s available online which makes learning a 24/7 option. Learn at your own pace at a time that suits you and on a couch of your choosing.

From your home, office or hotel you will always be able to connect and learn something new and have the support you need along the way.

Do you want to get know us better first?

If you want to get to know me and The Happiness Couch better then follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn where you’ll find tips and advice.