Something new and exciting is coming to The Happiness Couch

Hi, I’m Michala, the founder of The Happiness Couch.

I wanted to quickly explain that this website is having a major update as something new is coming in the New Year.

It’s something I’ve been working hard on for quite sometime. 

Firstly, let me apologise for any poor links or the lack of detail on these pages. When there is only one of you doing everything, things take time!

Do scroll down this page where I will give you a brief overview of what is coming. 

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Relationship Coach

The Happiness Couch School

The Happiness Couch School is a place for you to learn in private, away from social media. It will host a variety of courses to help you improve your relationships and personal development. Courses will have a designated space where you can ask questions and get live support.

Relationship Courses

Using my extensive experience, working with hundreds of people, I’ve created a variety of courses to help you improve your connection, love, communication, direction and understanding. My signature course will take your skills to a mastery level where you can apply what you have learnt to any relationship.

Learn on your couch … office … coffee shop …

The Happiness Couch courses are only available online which makes learning a 24/7 option. Learn at your own pace at a time that suits you and on a couch of your choosing. From your home, office or hotel you will always be able to connect and learn something new.

Free Resources

Saving the best until last, there will be lots of free resources to help guide you wherever you are on your relationship and personal development journey.

There will be a quiz, a health check, a journal, an A to Z guide and a free course!

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Work with an expert

Here’s a little bit about me; I’ve got over 13 years of experience as a relationship coach, I’m a QCH Therapist and Coach trained by The Quest Institute at Regent’s University, London. I’ve also been married for 28 years. I think it is fair to say I have experience!

Do you want to know more?

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