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The Happiness Couch is a place for people who love learning, are interested in personal development, self-help and are seeking happiness and fulfilment.

I’m Michala and I’ve got over 15 years experience as a therapist and 9 years as a relationship coach.

From The Happiness Couch I’ll be sharing my knowledge and expertise with you, not only about connection and relationships but all things regarding personal growth. Fundamentally I believe we all want to be happy, the problem is how we do that and how we overcome the obstacles that get in the way. It can be a minefield. Happiness comes not from what we have but who we are and how we relate to ourselves and others.

I’ll be sharing with you books, blogs, vlogs, information and courses via social media to help guide you on your quest.

So find yourself a couch and get ready to learn!

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Understand where you are and where conflict comes from in a relationship. Learn about yourself and your partner, discover how you love and want to be loved. Learn the steps to create better connections, how to maintain and improve your relationship into something special.

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The Happiness Couch and courses are only available online which makes learning a 24/7 option. Learn at your own pace at a time that suits you and on a couch of your choosing. From your home, office or hotel you will always be able to connect and learn something new.

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With over 9 years of experience as a relationship coach, I’ve helped many couples and individuals to learn and improve their relationships.

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Whatever your goal; understanding who you are, improving your relationship, developing friendships, connecting to colleagues, or understanding your family. For less than a holiday away, reap the long term rewards by investing in a Happiness Couch course now!

One year on and I’m still everything I was before, but feel more in charge of my own destination, rather than fitting in with what was expected of me “

Free Courses

A series of short courses looking at relationship expectations and myths – What is a relationship? Where do the problems come from?

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An in-depth course starting with the relationship pattern, working through to learning and discovering who you and your partner are. Learn the mechanisms for creating, maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Click anywhere here to find out more.

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