Mastering Connection and Relationships

Mastering Connection and Relationships Programme - Coming Soon!


A comprehensive 12-week course teaching you all you need to know so you can connect better, improve and maintain your relationship.

Starting with the relationship pattern, we’ll look at who you are, who your partner is, how you love, how you communicate and how you can incorporate it all into a relationship recipe that creates lasting happiness.

Pre-Course Module 1 : Why you can work on your relationship without your partner

Many people believe they need their partner’s input to work on their relationship. Discover how that’s not true and learn how to improve your relationship on your own.

Pre-Course Module 2 : What is a relationship?

The first building block in any relationship is to determine what it is, what you want and if you want the same. Explore the subconscious drivers that might be setting you up for a fall!

Pre-Course Module 3 : Your model of the world & where problems come from

The starting point of most problems! Discover how you experience the world in your unique way and how it shapes everything thing you do. Discover where common problems come from and how to prevent them from starting.

Course Module 1 : The relationship pattern

Discover the steps you go through from attraction to separation and importantly where you are in the pattern. Learn how to change direction and maintain a happy relationship.

Week 1

Course Module 2 : Who do you think you are?

The start of your Happiness journey begins with understanding who you are.

Discover your Myers Briggs profile, your NLP Rep System and your Love Language. Learn how these play an essential role in how you connect with others.

Weeks 2 to 5

Course Module 3 : Who do you think they are?

The next step on your Happiness journey is to find out who your partner is, of course, can be anybody.

Using a bit of detective work, discover their Myers Briggs profile, their NLP Rep System and their Love Language.

Weeks 6 & 7

Course Module 4 : The art of communication

Utilising the knowledge from Who do you think you are and Who do you think they are, learn how to adapt your style of communication to create a better connection and response. Discover the steps that lead to a calmer and more successful way of communicating.

Weeks 8 & 9

Course Module 5 : The relationship recipe

Bringing together all the knowledge learned from the previous courses, learn the mechanisms of how to connect, create and maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Weeks 10 & 11

Bonus Module : Managing your emotions

Emotions can very much cloud any given situation, learn how to have better control over them so you can see the situation clearly and make objective decisions.

Week 12

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