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Mastering Connection and Relationships

A comprehensive 12-week course teaching you all you need to know so you can connect better, improve and maintain your relationship.

Starting with the relationship pattern, we’ll look at who you are, who your partner is, how you love, how you communicate and how you can incorporate it all into a relationship recipe that creates lasting happiness. 

Step Out of the Drama

Uncover the system that is creating and keeping you locked into other people’s drama. Learn how to recognise it and more importantly, how to step out of it!

Managing Your Emotions

Emotions can very much cloud any given situation, learn how to have better control over them so you can see the situation clearly and make objective decisions.

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‘I was struggling to make life a happy place for myself and my partner, Michala has helped me put it back on track again through her excellent skills and now I’m looking forward to a new life with a very bright outlook with my partner, thank you so very much.’ 

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