Following on from my post last week where I suggested you raise the subject of Valentine’s Day, so you can explore if you and your partner are on the same page, you have hopefully now got a clearer idea if you need some ideas for the day or not. 

If you completed the second part of the post where you asked your partner what you have given them or done that has made them feel loved, you’ll have some ideas already.

So what if you haven’t?

Well, they say that it is the thought that counts, leaving your idea as a thought though is not a good strategy, trust me. You do need to take action on those thoughts, let’s work out first the what, then the how.

The first step is what are you expressing, choose one of these 3 and you’re onto a winner:-

  1. Love
  2. Appreciation
  3. Thank you

The second step is how can you express them, these fall into the following categories:- 

  1. Say it
  2. Write it
  3. Show it
  4. Give it

So let’s bring those two steps together using option 1, love, as an example: 

How can you say ‘love’? 

How can you write ‘love’? 

How can you show ‘love’? 

How can you give ‘love’?

Here are some ideas that don’t cost a fortune:-

  1. I love you because…, Thank you for being…, I really appreciate what you do such as…
  2. A letter, a note in their lunch box, a handmade card, in the steam on the bathroom mirror or frost on the car
  3. A hug, a kiss, do some chores, cook dinner, a movie night, a walk in nature, a trip to a free museum or gallery
  4. Favourite chocolate bar or sweets, a cupcake, a homemade gift, a photo of a favourite holiday or memory

Final tip

If you like the idea of giving a physical gift then you could create your own Valentine’s Day gift voucher, for example, your favourite meal cooked by me! Or 5 vouchers, each giving a hug to be redeemed when they need them. 

Share your ideas in the comments so we can all be inspired.