Alzheimer'sA very interesting article published in Science Daily on recent research from the University of California looking into the links between lifelong brain-stimulating habits such as reading and the lowering of protein levels associated with Alzheimer’s.

Brain scans of 65 people with no symptoms of Alzheimer’s who engaged in cognitive activities such as reading, writing and puzzles throughout their life showed fewer deposits of beta-amyloid, a destructive protein that is a hallmark of the disease. Studies show that the build-up of beta-amyloid happens many years before any symptoms appear therefore the timing of any intervention to prevent any onset can be much sooner than previously thought.

Personally, I love to read, learn new things and enjoy puzzles such as sudoku and after reading this article I love the idea that doing something that I already enjoy doing can also maybe help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. What are your thoughts?

If you would like to read the full article then please click here.

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