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We all like a recommendation for something don’t we? Regardless of if it’s a book, a film or a plumber, it’s good to know that someone delivered or provided an excellent service.

On this page you will find a selection of testimonials my clients have kindly given me which I hope will give you the confirmation that you’re looking for in choosing to work with me.


“To my clients, who have taken the time and shared something of themselves in providing me with these testimonials, I thank you, it was an honour and a pleasure to have worked with you.” Michala

Self Esteem

‘I had sunk to an all time low, mainly due to the day to day stresses from working full time, being a daughter, wife, sister, mum, grandma and friend. I surfed the internet for therapists and Michala’s name jumped out of the page as, rather than a company name, it seemed more personal from the start. I phoned up, booked in and began my therapy with Michala. I felt able to talk freely to her, not being judged or criticized and therefore able to be open and relaxed in the therapy session. One year on and I’m still everything I was before, but feel more in charge of my own destination, rather than ‘fitting in with what was expected of me’. Thank you Michala!’


Leamington Spa


‘Along with my wife I sought Michala’s help when our marriage hit a rocky period. Michala’s help assisted me in understanding the differences between my wife and I, reminding me of how we should be and would be complementing each other in our approaches to everyday situations. Since going to see Michala with my wife, I have also been back on my own, looking to adapt and reinforce some of the things we had originally discussed. Having previously been confident and knowing what I was looking for in most situations Michala’s help has been invaluable and subsequently has helped my wife and I to move on and to address some of the things where we had perhaps drifted previously.’




‘Despite having to speak publically on a fairly regular basis, it is a part of my job that I don’t always relish or enjoy. Michala gave me the tools to overcome my anxiety about addressing a large group of people and to do it in a confident and relaxed manner; the beauty is that the techniques learned can be used in a number of scenarios. My approach to giving speeches or addressing people at any level has certainly changed for the better, and I enjoy the process much more.’




Self Esteem

‘I came to see Michala as I had lost a lot of confidence and had a low self esteem because of passed experiences in my life.  Before seeing Michala I thought life had given me a very rough ride which meant I wasn’t coping with every day life particularly well.  Having Michala’s help has made me understand how to deal with things in a more confident manner and it has helped my self esteem.  Because of this I now feel that my past experiences have made me a better person and I really like the person I am now. Thank you Michala for all your help and the box of tissues. :-)’




‘Having been going though a bout of depression and struggling to make life a happy place for myself and my partner Michala has helped me put my life back on to the right track again through her excellent skills and now I’m looking forward to a new life with a very bright out look with my partner, thank you so very much.’ 




‘Working with Michala has helped me with my confidence in my everyday life, from coping with the stresses of work to making me a more confident person.  I now believe in myself more and this has given me the confidence to pursue life in a different light, knowing life is too short to worry what others think. Thank you Michala for all your help.’




‘Michala Lota, is a warm yet professional person. When we started with her we were ready to end our relationship. Michala made us very comfortable, she is both understanding and patient. Michala is never judgmental or one sided. She spoke openly and freely to both of us and made us see how we were a very normal couple that needed the correct tools to communicate with each other more easily. Michala gave us those tools and helped us put them to work. We also from time to time needed to chat with Michala privately not as a couple but as individuals, she was again able to create a very safe environment. She made it easy to open up so that we were able to make progress toward our goal. Thank you Michala’


Montana USA

Weight Loss

‘I knew that I needed help to lose some weight (quite a lot of weight actually).  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself I felt that just going on a diet was not the answer for me. There was a reason why I was holding onto this weight. With Michala’s empathy, professionalism and skills she was able to help me get to the bottom of it.  Of course I still needed to diet, nobody loses weight without eating less and exercise more, but I am 1 1/2 stones lighter and beginning this task with Michala’s help gave me the ability to move forwards after being over weight for about 15 years.  I am in no doubt that Michala was instrumental in this weight loss journey. Thank you Michala.’ 




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