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Are you looking for a therpaist or coach for Personal Development?

To me Personal Development covers a vast array of areas and can be explained more as a journey of self discovery. This usually starts with wanting to change or improve something such as a negative mindset or confidence. This comes from comparing yourself to others, seeing a lack within and thinking you need to change or have more of it to be happier. This tends to lead onto wanting to understand yourself better. Maybe you are already asking yourself, why do I do that? Why am I like that? The exploration of this stage becomes the foundation of our work together. By only understanding who you are and accepting yourself with all it’s facets can you truly begin to create your life from a place of authenticity. The final stage in personal development, which is a lifelong project in itself is the art of living in paradox.

What do I mean by paradox?

We are like a jigsaw puzzle, we are the sum of all our parts. We have parts that compliment each other; passion, love, kindness, confidence. When we utilise those parts we have a sense of being whole, at one, in flow. We also have parts that seem opposed to one another love and frustration for example. Have you ever loved someone but also been frustrated with them at the same time? We can be confident in a small group but not in a larger group. I mean how can that be? The mistake ‘we’ have made is trying to fix those opposing parts, hide them or apologies for them. We are not perfect human beings. So why do we strive and set perfect like high expectations of ourselves and others? When we do all we reap is a sense of lack and failure. Life is so much easier when you accept all of your wonderful paradoxical parts and see others just like you, as a fellow struggler living life in paradox.

So what can I help you with?

You might of noticed that I haven’t mentioned a list of things that I can help you with such as depression, anxiety or stress. I can help you with all of those things and many more. You are unique, the issues you have and why you have them. What you want to achieve, who and where you want to be in the future is different for every person.

The question you need to ask yourself is,

  • Is there something about myself that I would like to change?
  • Would I like to understand myself better?
  • Do I want more love, peace and/or happiness in my life?

If yes, or you want to ask me a more specific question about your personal development then do get in touch. You can either click on the button below or go to my contact me page here.

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