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Do you have something you would like to change or work on but can’t find the time to see someone? A busy work and family life can make it difficult to find the much needed time to invest in ourselves. The wonders of technology have transformed how therapy and coaching can now be delivered. Time and geography are no longer a limit to that investment. Welcome to the world of Online Coaching!


So how is Online Coaching different?

In essence online coaching is no different to seeing me in person in Leamington Spa. I am happy to use either Zoom, FaceTime or Skype for our online therapy work. One requirement we both do need is a strong internet connection. If internet connection is lost and not regained within 5 minutes then I will call you. The second is a quiet environment without interruptions, so no telephones, children, animals, delivery people or work colleagues. Online coaching requires your full attention so as well as no interruptions it is best to set a time when you can give it your focus. So not when you’re driving, commuting, about to go to bed or shopping. Online coaching does give you greater flexibility to be able to fit it into your day. Zero travel time means that regardless of the geographical distance between us, you can still work with me. Session times and costs are exactly the same as if you were seeing me in person. Payment is required by bank transfer 24 hours prior to the appointment. 

Online Coaching can help you with:-

  • Relationship Problems

Session Format

I will call you on the platform and at the time we have agreed. You will need to make sure you have a strong internet signal, no interruptions and can focus on our session. Beforehand I will send you a protocol of what to do if something goes wrong such as loss of internet connection. The first session establishes what we are working on, depending on it’s complexity this can take most of the session. At the end of this session I will give you a proposal and an action plan of how we will resolve it. Subsequent sessions will take the form of evaluating where we are, coaching and discussing our next steps.

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